Battle of the Boxes

Went down to Sterling Height for the Battle of the Boxes, put on by CrossFit Transformation. There were 32 teams and I haven’t seen the official results yet, but I heard we took 18th place. We were 25th going into the last event, which we rocked!


20:00 AMRAP

  • 15 Thrusters (95/65#)
  • 20 KB Swings (53/35#)
  • 50 Double Unders

# of Athletes – 4 (2 men / 2 women)

All 4 athletes will cycle thru this AMRAP for 20 minutes. 3 athletes max will be working at a time, with the 4th resting/waiting to start their next round. Team members cannot move to the next station until the team member in front of them has left that station.
Each team will be given a female bar loaded to 65# and mens bar loaded to 95#, a 53# KB and a 35# KB. BRING YOUR OWN ROPE!!

*Dropping the KB constitutes a 10 burpee penalty to be done immediately before continuing KB swings.

*The 2 athletes that do not compete in this WOD, must compete in WOD 4.



# of Athletes – 6 (3 men / 3 women)

This WOD will be scored bracket style, like playoffs or March Madness. It will start with all teams and it will be one game knock out until we crown a champion. Cleats nor gloves are allowed.

The teams that get knocked out round one, will then enter a ball toss event. Each athlete will get 3 attempts to throw as far as possible and the team score will be measured by total distance of each of the athletes furthest throw.


OLY Event

# of Athletes – 6 (3 men / 3 women)

The women will start this event off. They will have 8 minutes to do the following:
Find a 1RM Snatch. *The load on the bar can not decrease.
Find a 1RM Clean & Jerk. *The load on the bar can not decrease.
*The only time the load can decrease is when all athletes complete the snatch and show they are moving to clean & jerk.

Once the girls 8 minutes are up, the guys 8 minutes begin. They will perform the same WOD.

*You don’t have to spend 4 minutes on each, you can spend 7 on one movement and 1 on the other. It’s up to you.

*Highest successful lift from each athlete for each lift will be added together for scoring. It will be scored in 3 ways. Team with the highest snatch, highest clean & jerk, and highest total.


For time and reps:
1) Sand Bag Shuttle Relay (75#, 50#, 25#), MR Front Squats (135/95#), MR Deadlifts (185/115#)

# of Athletes – 4
*The 2 athletes that did not compete in WOD 1, must compete in this event.

The 2 women will start this event off.

Athlete 1 must shuttle sprint each sand bag one length of the field and place the sandbag down. Athletes must show control when putting the sandbag down. No body slamming or throwing it past the line. If your judge feels you weren’t in control, you will perform 10 burpees before you sprint back to start line empty-handed. While Athlete 1 is doing the sandbag shuttle, Athlete 2 is performing max rep front squats (95#). Once Athlete 1 completes the 3 sandbag shuttles they will then start their max rep front squats while Athlete 2 sprints down the field to retrieve all the sandbags. When Athlete 2 returns from the sandbag shuttle the two girls will add 20# to the barbell (making it 115#) and Athlete 2 will then begin max reps deadlifts while Athlete 1 completes the sandbag shuttle for a second time. When Athlete 1 returns she will complete max reps deadlifts while Athlete 2 completes the shuttle run. When Athlete 2 returns from the shuttle run the women are done and then men jump in strip the bar and load it up to 135# then complete the same WOD as the women. Men will increase the bar as a team to 185# to complete the deadlift portion.

WOD will be scored in 3 ways. Shuttle sprint total time, MR deadlifts, and MR front squats.

How did we do?

Event 1 was tough for us because we got caught up on the DUs. I felt good during this WOD and did American KBS with the more of a straight up and down swing for the first time. Made things easier to knock out 20 in a row. My DUs were pretty good but I only got through 2 rounds and the thrusters in my 3rd round. I was actually surprised that we beat 5 other teams is this workout, so their DUs must have been terrible because ours were pretty bad.

The Tug-o-war was a lot of fun. We smoked our first match, but then got it handed right back to us in our second match.

The Olympic lifting event was intense! All 6 of our team members matched or hit now PRs in both the snatch and clean & jerk, which is pretty amazing for such a fast paced event.

For the snatch, I hit 135, missed 145, hit 145, and hit 155. That’s a 10 pound PR. I had every intention of doing squat snatches but when you’re ripping off reps so fast, you lose you heard. I power snatched that bitch. It was not pretty but I got it. In the clean and jerk, I hit 185# with a squat clean, then hit 205# with a power clean and kind of an ugly jerk. Made a quick attempt at 215 but didn’t give it the power I needed to. We were running low on time, so I gave the rest to Casey and he nailed 225. Best clean I’d ever done was 205, but best clean and jerk was 185, so that’s a 20# PR for the combination that is the OLY lift. I’d never attempted a jerk of more than 185, so was also a 20# PR on a jerk. It’s hard to explain how intense this WOD was because you had to make quick lifts and when you weren’t lifting you had to be ready to increase the weights on the bar or jump in for your next rep.

We did really well in the sandbag sprint and think we finished 2nd or 3rd. Should have done pretty well in the max reps lifts for that even too due to our women. I can’t wait to see the results for this event because we jumped up a lot from it.

It was a long day, but a lot of fun. I did mess up my back again, so not too happy about that.

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