Garage Strength Work

I missed out on this morning’s strength work of shrugs and I want to try to keep the dynamic effort stuff going, so I went out to the garage for some time alone with the bar and plates.

Dynamic Effort Low Box Squats

  • 2×2 @ 45#
  • 1×2 @ 95#
  • 1×2 @ 115#
  • 1×2 @ 135#
  • 8×2 @ 165#

As usual, a pretty strict 1 minute of rest in between each set, so these end up going pretty fast. Felt pretty good considering I did these in flip-flops and sat down to an overturned recycling bin, which ended up being a couple of inches below parallel. I really tried to focus on tightening the glutes and hamstrings to fire up off the box. The 8 sets of 2 got progressively tougher, which I read is supposed to happen, so I must be on the right track.


It was 5 sets of 10 in class, so that’s what I went with as well. I took 2-3 minutes of rest in between sets. The weights I used were 165#, 205#, 255#, 285#, and 300#. I put on a pair of batting gloves to help with grip and make sure I didn’t get any rips while holding the bar for so long.

Chicks & Dicks WOD

This morning at 9am, our newlywed couple of Casey and Kinde Malott were back in the gym for their first WOD after the wedding. Matt made it a partner WOD pairing up a guy and a gal for each team. I was paired up with Cora and we rocked it!


21-15-9 *

  • Air Squats
  • Jumping Jacks

* After each round, power skip 150m.


“Malott 13”

  • 13 Man Makers, Renegade (40# DBs)
  • 13 Around the World HR Push-ups (each one is essentially a 4 count with rotations)
  • 13 Laps of 150m Weighted Run (45# Plate)
  • 13 Over the Box Burpees (24″ – Each partner does 13 and can work at the same time)
  • 13 T2B (4 counts, so 52 total)
  • 13 Tuck Jumps (4 counts, so 52 total)

Our strategy on the man makers put us behind several teams, but we were able to make up a lot of ground and pass everyone in the runs. About halfway through my over the box burpees, I fucked up. For some reason in my head I thought I would jump up with one foot and have the other foot trail. What a train wreck that turned out to be. I hit the box hard, busted up my leg, jammed a finger and landed on top of the box with my stomach. Ouch! So then I had to do the rest of the box jumps on one leg essentially. My T2B were some of the best I’ve ever done and tuck jumps are easy for me. We finished first with a time of 16:00.


Death by Russian KBS (by 3s, 53# KB)

Got through the round of 33 and then called it a day. That’s 198 swings in 11 minutes. Had about 10 seconds left before the next minute started, but my shoulders were pretty fried and I worked out each day this week. It was time to shut it down. There was also a strength portion doing heavy shrugs, but we had the option of doing the finisher instead.