I went to the 9am class this morning, feeling kind of blah.


Tabata Mash-up

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Star Jumps


1RM Shoulder Press

Last week I set a new PR at 145# and even got it for 3 reps, so I was shooting for 155# on one rep today. I started out with 10 reps at 45# and 5 reps at 95# to get warm. Not sure what I was thinking next, but I went right to 135#. I nailed that, then 140#, and 145#. First attempt at 150# hit a spot about half way and died. I gave myself a few minutes to rest and made one last attempt before our allotted 15 minutes were up. It wasn’t pretty and I could immediately feel my back tighten up after, but I got 150# for a new PR. Expecting 155# was probably a bit much with the upper body work I’ve done this week already.


  • 100 HR Burpees

The WOD didn’t call for the hand release, but I wanted the practice, so made them harder. Finished in 6:48. That’s only 4 seconds slower than my 100 regular burpee time from a month ago, so I guess it’s not as bad as I thought.

My burpees have been getting slower over the last few weeks, when I seemed to really be getting good at them for a while. One of these days I may have to video myself to see if I notice anything.


  • 50 Turkish Get-ups (35# KB)

I remembered we had done this not too long ago (turns out it has been a month and a half) and I could have sworn the Rx was 40# back then and I know that I dropped down from that, which would have been the 35# I used. Well, Rx back then and today was 35#, so I should have used 30# again. No wonder my time sucked so bad! Today it took me 11:49 and when I did it with 30# my time was 8:22. That’s a big difference in time for only 5#, but I could really feel the instability in my shoulders today after a few reps on an arm and I had to break down into some sets of 3 at the end and even rest a bit. Before I stuck to sets of 5 on each side and never stopped to rest.

I can feel the effects of hard training on my body today, so I’m glad I had already decided to rest pretty much the rest of the week. Tomorrow I hope to get out and walk a round a golf, Friday I’ll go in to the gym and do some rowing, and then Saturday is hopefully another golf day with a massage. No more WODs until the competition on Sunday. This old body needs to recover!