Fresh Plank Moves


  • 10 Cat Camel
  • 6-4 Curl-up (10s hold)
  • 10/10/10/10 Banded Leg Swings


8 Rounds

  • 5/4 Pull-ups
  • 4 Twisting Broad Jumps
  • 5/5 KB Side Swings (20/15#)
  • 5 Hang Power Cleans / Squat Cleans (65/55#)
  • 4 Devil Presses (15/12#)
  • 30s Rest

I did a regular kip for the pull-ups, which we haven’t done in over a month. Finished in 15:58.


3 Rounds

  • 15 DB V-ups (10/5# DB)
  • 20 alt Plank Step-outs
  • 15 Hollow In/Outs w/ Legs
  • 10/10 Plank KB Swing Through (15/10# KB)

This was tough with some new and interesting movements. We did about 10 minutes of mobility work to finish up.

Do You Like Butterflies?

This morning it was back on the Armstrong Pull-up Program after the prescribed two days off, so I banged out my 3 sets of push-ups in the morning. Walked 18 holes of golf and then worked, so I attended the 8pm class for the first time. It was a fun partner WOD.


2 rounds

  • 1m Plank Step-outs
  • 1m Standing Bicycle/Steam Engine
  • 1m Side Bends (35# KB)
  • 1m Russian Twist (35# KB)
  • 1m Superman Plank
  • 1m Rest

The plank step-outs and Superman planks were both new to me. I could feel both of them working right away.


We partnered up and did a ladder with 2 exercises, wall balls (20# MB) and box jumps (24″). I was teamed up with Jason, who has lost over 60 pounds since he started about 3 months ago. Amazing! Jason did 25 wall balls, while I did 25 box jumps. When we both completed our reps, we swapped exercises, but were now on 24 reps. So each time we switched, we decreased a rep. In the end I did more box jumps and Jason did more wall balls, but I think it was only a difference of 13 reps. My goal was to complete all of my sets unbroken, which I was able to do. Jason did an awesome job and we ended up setting the best time for the day with 20:09. I know you’re not supposed to compare yourself too much to everyone else, but that’s still one hell of a feeling and I can’t help by try to win everything I do.


After the WOD, I alternated between doing 10 pistols (switching legs each rep) and working on the butterfly kipping pull-up. As the sets went on, my pistols got better and better. It’s all about finding the balance points when I do them. As far as the butterfly pull-ups go, they are a work-in-progress. I started to feel some of the cycling, and got 2 in a row towards the end.

As soon as I got home I knocked out 5 max rep sets of strict pull-ups with 90 seconds of rest in between for the Armstrong program. After just doing a bunch of pull-up work at Survival Fitness, I didn’t get too many.