Triple B

Yesterday we started gutting the small main floor bathroom and this morning we were back at it, getting up the old tile floor, mortar, and subfloor. After cleaning that up it was time for a workout around 2pm I think.


  • 20 PVC Passes
  • 20 Trunk Rotations
  • 10 Cat Camels

Back, Biceps, and Box Step-ups

3 Sets

  • Partner A: Step-ups w/ Knee Drive (14″)
  • Partner B:
    • 5 Underhand Pulldown (82/115#)
    • 20 alt Gorilla Rows (15/20# DBs)
    • 12 DB Curls (15/20#)

My back was pretty lit up from the floor work so I used the same box at B.

3 Sets

  • Partner A: Backwards Step-ups (14″)
  • Partner B:
    • 12 Lat Pulldown (60/104#)
    • 12 Pendlay Row (45#)
    • 12 Waiter Curls (10/15# DBs)

3 Sets

  • Partner A: Side Step Over (14″)
  • Partner B:
    • 12 Incline Back Flys (15/20# DBs)
    • 12 Straight Arm Pulldown (38/60#)
    • 12 In and Out Hammer Curls (15/20# DBs)

It took us 31:45 today. I went 28-30-34, 30-32-34, and 32-34-36 on the box. Then it was time to clean more stuff up and we removed all of the wallpaper in the bathroom

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