Cardio Pumped Back

Last night we finished up with the rocks around the outdoor gym area. This morning spent several hours organizing the non-gym side of the garage.


We went for the run around the soccer fields and back home, which is 2.72 miles. We did it in 28:30 today which is about 90 seconds better. Brandi was feeling good, but I was dying because I hadn’t eaten enough. Slammed a coke and had some rice cakes when we got home.


4 Sets

  • 12/8 cal Row
  • 12 DB Seal Rows (30#)

Not much rest here because you went again as soon as the other person got off the rower. Really felt the burn with the dumbbells.

4 Sets

  • 12/8 cal SkiErg
  • 12 Lat Pulldowns (104-104-93-93#)

Same thing here with slightly more rest because the calories take longer. This one really stung though and I had to drop weight even though I’d already gone lower than I usually would.

These supersets were an idea I came up with and they worked much better than I ever expected. Will have to keep them in the rotation for a bit.

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