Struggling Shoulders

Took a full rest day yesterday, even though my WHOOP recovery was at 92%. After a 2 hour Zoom meeting I was exhausted. Went to bed early and it’s 97% today! Out in the garage at 4pm.


  • 3:00 TrueForm Run (0.52 km)
  • 80′ Lateral Monster Walk
  • 80′ Monster Walk
  • 20 IY (red band)
  • 8 alt Back Rack Reverse Lunge (45#)
  • 8 alt Back Rack Reverse Lunge (95#)
  • 5 Landmine Squats (45#)
  • 5 Landmine Squats (90#)


6×3 Kick-ups

These were done between leg sets. I can already feel a difference in getting to more of a hollow body position from the stretches and shoulder exercises.


4 Sets

  • 16 alt Back Rack Reverse Lunge (135-145-155-165#)
  • 8/8 Single Arm/Leg RDL (70# KB)

Was feeling pretty good, so starting to add some weight.

4 Sets

  • 10 Landmine Squats (135-145-145-155#)
  • 10 Barbell Hip Thrusts (95-95-115-115#)

We really liked these landmine squats, so will be using them often.


3 Sets

  • 10 Cuban Rotations (35#)
  • 10 Trap-3 Raise (5# plates)
  • 10 Band Rear Delt Pull Apart (red)



  • Strict HSPU
  • Hang Power Snatch (95/65#)
  • T2B

I thought I might be able to go unbroken on the handstand push-ups, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen; I did 8-7, 3-3-2-2, and 5. The snatches were harder than I expected as well and my hook grip is so untrained these days! I did 8-7, 6-4, and 5 there. For the toes to bars I did 8-7, 10, and 5. Finished in 6:35.

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