Handstand Graduation


  • 5:00 BikeErg (2,562m)
  • 80′ Lateral Monster Walk
  • 80′ Monster Walk

Handstand Balance Breakthrough

Probably did about 8 sets of 5 kick-ups. Had some really good ones where I was holding for 4-5 seconds I think.

That completes the 4 week program. We made so much progress in that time. We’re going to continue a lot of the drills and try adding some other ones I’ve found. I’ve already written the first 2 weeks of our phase 2.


4 Sets

  • 8/8 Landmine Curtsy Lunges (145#)

3 Sets

  • 8/8 Bulgarian Split Squats (35-40-45# DBs)
  • 8 DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts (60# DBs)

3 Sets

  • 10 Front Squats (85#)
  • 8/8 Lateral Step-downs (50# DB, 15”)

2 Sets

  • 10/10/10 Calf Raises (60# DBs)


5:00 AMRAP

  • Burpees
  • HSPU

When we did this on April 14th I got through the 7s + 10, which was a big PR at the time. Today I was able to stay unbroken, even though my HSPU got slow with some pausing. Another PR, by 11 reps this time, finishing the 8s and then getting 5 more burpees. No doubt the handstand work is helping a lot here as well.

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