Comfortably Cold

I must be really hyped up on Friday nights after the Open workouts because it wasn’t a great night of sleep again. Sore this morning, but no back pain. 👍🏻  Went for a run after 10am, when it hadn’t hit 40 degrees yet and the windchill was 32. I bundled up with warm socks, Under Armour Cold Gear tights and shirt, shorts, light half zip, winter golf gloves, and a hat.

Year of the Engine – Endurance

46:00 Run

I wasn’t sure about my layering, but I was very comfortable the entire run and it was my favorite run of the year! I’ve already bought some proper running gloves and a hat. Went 4.8 miles with consistent splits again. It felt good on my body after 20.4 last night.


Year of the Engine – Speed/Threshold

15:00 Airdyne

I was out in the garage at 6pm. Tried to hold 80 RPM and I think my average would have been close. Went 521 cals and 9.82 km, which is my best by 14 calories and 0.14 km.