The 180 Formula

A good morning again. Can still feel my back in certain positions and still have a side lean. Out in the garage for some aerobic work before heading to the chiropractor. When I’m doing these 30-40 minute pieces, I might as well do them at a pace that is worth my time. So I’m going to try following Phil Maffetone’s 180 Formula. With my injury, my ideal heart rate for fat burning and aerobic base building should be 128-138 beats per minute. I set high and low alerts on my Garmin watch and jumped on the bike.

30:00 Airdyne

Went pretty well! Usually I’d keep around 60 RPM for recovery work like this and I found that 70 PRM for about the first 20+ minutes kept me in the zone and then I had to gradually slow down a bit to end around 65 PRM. The computer said 711 calories and 16.4 km, which is 0.3 km more than I have ever recorded for 30 minutes on the machine, according to my Beyond The Whiteboard logs. There was no problem holding that pace. Will be interesting to see where this goes. If I keep this up and improve, I should be able to go faster at the same heart rate.