New Best Friend

I was getting worried this morning when my back was feeling worse. I called my chiro and he talked me down, explaining it was a good sign I didn’t have any numbness going up or down from the area. What I was feeling was pretty typical and it could take me 2 weeks to recover from this one. Felt better mentally after talking to him, but definitely not physically. I tried to get some work done but standing and sitting were both uncomfortable, so I took the day off and camped on the floor in front of the TV.

One thing that has actually felt better is when I’m spent time on the Airdyne, so in the afternoon I went out to the garage and did an easy 40 minutes to get some motion going through my back. It ended up being 11.89 miles and 716 calories.

I have a feeling my 2017 CrossFit Games Open is over. With the close of score validations tonight, my rankings for 17.4 were:

  • Open Division:¬†16,217 / 161,366 (10%)
  • Masters 35-39: 1,915 / 30,720 (6.2%)

Just when 17.3 was my best Open workout, we get a solid repeat for me and now this was my best. Too bad my back gave out or I think I could have went over the 200 rep mark in my redo.

Overall after 4 weeks, my standings sit at:

  • Open Division: 22,032 / 20,1784 (10.9%)
  • Masters 35-39: 2,681 / 38,072 (7%)

Would be my best finish, even for the Open division. Crossing my fingers I’m feeling good enough to do 17.5 by Monday night.