I Sat Down & I Can’t Get Up

It was rough moving around the rest of the day yesterday, but sleeping wasn’t too bad, which is usually a good sign. Today is pretty terrible too, especially when I get up out of the chair from working. It takes me about a minute to fully stand up straight. Drying off my feet and putting my socks on was quite the chore this morning. Definitely was not making my way to the gym because I didn’t know if I’d be able to get out of the car. After finishing up work, I needed to move, so headed out to the garage to see what I could do.

I knew the Airdyne would be a go, so I tried to use Pi AD2, but it wouldn’t launch properly on my Raspberry Pi and when I tried to run it from my Mac it wouldn’t track the spinning of the flywheel. I need to spend some time on it and get intervals programmed anyway.

7 Rounds

  • 2:00 Airdyne (AD2)
  • 20 Push-ups

I did 10-10 on every set of push-ups. The second 10 got rough after the second round, but I kept each 10 unbroken, with some short pauses at the top of later reps. Finished in 20:35 and tallied up 423 cals, holding RPMs at about 75 and then picked it up for the last couple of rounds.