Heavyweight 15.4

Really needed the rest day after the previous workouts. Definitely started getting the “Karen Quads” yesterday, but the soreness is almost gone already, which is unheard of. Every other time I’ve done the 150 wall balls I could barely walk for 3 days. I haven’t done it in almost 4 years though. My shoulders were pretty tired the last couple of days too, but seem fine today.

Aerobic Work

3 Rounds – E5M

  • 20 60 DU
  • 20 Burpees over Rower
  • 20 cal Row

My times were 2:44, 2:50, and 3:09. I messed up 3 or 4 times on dubs in the 3rd round after making the first 2 unbroken. This took a lot more out of my than I expected, but I was moving at a pretty good pace on the burpees.

Power Clean

Work up to a heavy triple as a primer for the WOD. Don’t max out.

  • 3×45#
  • 3×95
  • 3×135
  • 3×165
  • 3×185
  • 3×205

Good enough. All touch-n-go reps.


15.4 – 8:00 AMRAP

  • 3 HSPU
  • 3 Power Clean (185#)
  • 6 HSPU
  • 3 Power Clean
  • 9 HSPU
  • 3 Power Clean
  • 12 HSPU
  • 6 Power Clean
  • 15 HSPU
  • 6 Power Clean
  • 18 HSPU
  • 6 Power Clean

I finished 15+6 during the Open in 2015 and did 15+4 this last July. I’ve been feeling much better with my HSPU and managed to get through 9 of the 18 today for a 9 rep PR. I’m also 16 pounds heavier than I was during the 2015 Open! I was cruising along pretty good on my HSPU until the end of the 15 when I started to die out. Held on as best I could at the end. I had 1:18 left on the clock after I finished the 6 power cleans.

On the HSPU I think I did 3, 6, 5-4, 4-4-4, 4-4-4-3, and 2-2-2-3. I could still use a lot of work on my kip to knock them out quicker. Cleans were all quick singles.



10:00 EMOM

  • 3-5 Muscle-ups

I did 7 sets of 3, a set of 4, failed the 4th, and barely got the 3rd in the final round. 31 total reps. Tried to work on getting some kip into the dips, but don’t think I was very successful because that’s what started giving out.

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