Something New

Felt a little sick shoveling snow this morning but I think it was the extra caffeine I had in the Protein Energy mix this morning.


  • PVC Pass-thrus
  • Band Pulls

Strength – Bench Press

  • 8×45#
  • 8×95
  • 4×135
  • 4×165
  • 4×195
  • 4×215
  • 4×230
  • 4×245 (PR)

Felt heavy and the lift-off bugged me. Maybe due to my shoulder? Wanted to get 245-250 after getting 5×240 a couple weeks ago so I’ll take it.


Open Workout 11.6 / 12.5
7:00 AMRAP

  • Thruster (100/65)
  • C2B Pull-up

My previous best was finishing the round of 12 and getting 6 more thrusters. Today I finished the 15s and a thruster. PR by 25 reps!

The pull-ups did not feel good on my shoulder in the first 3 sets. Maybe it just went numb after that. I did 3 & 6 unbroken then when I had to do 3-3-singles I was worried. I think maybe it was just the quick turnaround from the set of 6, because I did the rounds of 12 and 15 with sets of 3s no problem. Thrusters were unbroken through 9, then 7-5 and 6-5-4. If I had to do it again soon I’d try the 12 unbroken, do the 15 in 2 sets and try to do chest to bar in all sets of 3 except for the 6.

Midline / Skill

  • 4 Sets
    • 20s L-sit (rings)
    • 10s Rest
  • 30s Rest
  • 4 Sets
    • 20s Handstand Hold
    • 10s Rest
  • 30s Rest
  • 4 Sets
    • 20s Double Unders
    • 10s Rest

The L-sits seemed a lot harder than usual after that workout. This was a tough little combination on the shoulders. I went 35-36-35-25 on double unders. Missed up twice back-to-back on the last set and didn’t have time to start back up.


  • 30 Inverted Burpees

I’ve wanted to do try these but always forget. Was reminded of them a CrossFit HQ video this week. Pretty fun. I did sets of 5 and started getting the hand of going from candlestick right into the kick up. For the second half I started kicking up with two feet at once which was something new for me as well. I felt like it worked the shoulders and strength more than a lunge into one leg up at a time.

Some inverted burpee practice 😁#fun#burpee#crossfit#sundayfunday

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