Trying to Keep Up With Mattie Rogers

Lifting days are my favorite. 🙂


  • 2×8 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • Snatch Warm-up
    • 5 Muscle Snatch (20kg)
    • 5 BTN Snatch Press (20kg)
    • 5 OHS (20kg)


  • 5x20kg
  • 2x3x40
  • 3×50
  • 3×60
  • 2×70
  • 1×75
  • 1×80
  • 1×85
  • F-F-F-1 90
  • F-F 95
  • F-F 100

Couldn’t quite get the bar pulled back into the slot. I was so close to making 95 and when Alex put 100 on the bar I said, “fuck it, why not!” I never take risks. The first attempt was 100 was only my second try ever. I was pretty tilted to that left shoulder that’s bothering me and rushed it coming out of the hole. Got it up there no problem. Second attempt wasn’t very good so I finally stopped. Too many misses on the day.


Got fired up last night after seeing Mattie Rogers hit 130kg. Messaged Alex and said that was the goal for the day.

Started out heavy since we were already up there with some big snatch attempts and then took bigger jumps than we usually do. I actually did clean-jerks on the first two sets of having the “and” in there.

  • 3x70kg
  • 2×90
  • 2×100
  • 108
  • 114
  • 119
  • 123
  • 126 (PR)
  • 130 Fail Clean
  • 130 (PR)

After the easy 126 I didn’t really feel like taking a 2 kilo jump and if I was going to 3 again, might as well go 4. I was scared of the clean on the first attempt. Then I watched the video and saw how high I got the bar. Can’t remember the last time I missed a clean. Double-pumped the setup in the next attempt and said don’t be a bitch. Got it! Was under the clean plenty high enough for it to be a power clean too.

Really wanted to squat today too, but was tired by the end of the lifts and it was close to 2 hours already. Chilled at home and hit a garage session after 3pm and a huge plate of spaghetti.

Back Squat

  • 5×45#
  • 5×135
  • 5×185
  • 5×225
  • 5×265
  • 5×295
  • 5×315
  • 5×335 (PR)

My best 5 was 325 pounds last January. So my goal was to stand up 330. After 315 I figured it had already been a day of risks and my positions stayed solid through every set so far. Everything held up and knocked out the 10# PR.