Hump Day Sprints

Weather is still chilly. Might not even get into the lake all week! My mid-back is feeling sore this morning.

Did the DDP Yoga Fat Burner video this morning. I think I like the P90X yoga video a lot better, except for the fact it’s 90 minutes long, but maybe I’ll find the right video from the DDP series as I keep trying them.

A couple of hours later…

8 Rounds

  • 15s Hollow Rocks
  • 15s Rest

Made it all the way through without having to take extra rest! Will work my way up to being able to do Tabata.

Everyone was heading in to Rogers City to watch Kennedy in the Kiddie Parade. I went in early so I could go to the track on my old high school. Jogged 600m and walked 300m to get warm. Then it was time for a few sprints.

  • 400m Run – 1:07
  • 600m Walk
  • 200m Run – 0:30
  • 300m Walk
  • 100m Run – 0:13.6
  • 300m Walk

Timing yourself in sprints is no easy task. I was wearing a watch, so had a little disadvantage with starts and had to try to look at the time as I crossed the finish line. Close enough I guess for some benchmarks.

Strapped the rings up on the goal post and tested a set of unbroken strict ring dips. Got 15! About a year and a half ago was the last time I tried a big set of ring dips and only got 16 kipping. Quite the difference, when not many of my other bodyweight things (other than muscle-ups) have improved during that time.

8:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Ring Rows
  • 50m Run
  • 5 Ball Slams (15#)
  • 50m Run

Fun workout. I kept the reps low so I could keep moving. Did 8 rounds plus 5 ring rows, a run, and 2 slam balls.

Did backwards overhead throws to get the slam ball back. Took me 5 throws to cover 50+ meters. Great for hip extension!

E30S 10:00

  • 5 Ring Push-ups

I set the rings as low to the ground as I could, but being on the 10′ tall goal post, 10-12″ off ground was the best I could do. Did all 20 sets unbroken.

Got back to my parents and jumped on the Air Dyne (AD2) for 20:00.

  • 5:00 Sitting
  • 5:00 Standing
  • 5:00 Sitting
  • 3:00 Standing
  • 2:00 Sitting

Standing up for a long period of time is no easy task. First time I’ve tried it and it was a good way to mix things up. I kept my pace around 60 rpm for the entire 20 minutes, which is around the 55-60% range for me. Totaled 360 calories.

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