Great Lakes Bay Regional Throwdown – 1st Place

Competed at the 3rd Great Lakes Bay Regional Throwdown, held at CrossFit Worthy in Mount Pleasant today. Teamed up with Michelle, Casey, and Breanne. We brought home first place!


Tons of fun!

Event 1: Clean & Jerk Ladder

Each team had a bar and enough weight to total 250#. You started with the 45# bar and each person had to lift each weight, increasing by 5 or 10# each lift. Team order stayed the same, but once you missed a lift, you were done.

Michelle set a PR with 135#, then Breanne was out after making a 155# PR. Casey and I had hoped to finish and our timing couldn’t have gone any better. We both finished off the ladder by making 250# PRs, the only team to have 2 guys finish. We took first place in the event!

Event 2: WOD Relay

Each team member completed:
2 Rounds

  • 10 Plate Burpees
  • 8 Pull-ups
  • 6 Clusters (65/95#)

We rocked this one too, taking 3rd place.

Event 3: Run, Row, DU

  • Run 800m as a team
  • Each team member must complete a 300m row, while 2 other members hold a plank, and one rests
  • One attempt at a max unbroken set of DU in a 1:00 time window. Each rep, subtracts a second from overall time

We took 2nd place on this event, only getting beat out by a team that had 4 people just kill the DU. I hit a set of 55 and was pretty happy with that.

We ended up with 6 total points, second had 11, and two other teams tied with 12 points. Long day, with a lot of time out in the sun, but it was a blast.


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