When I got home from golfing last night my legs were like jello. I rode in the cart too so the 2 hours at the gym really caught up to me. Out in the garage at 11 to finish up the 2nd half of lifts I did before class yesterday.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 5:00 Air Dyne (1.48 miles)

Tall Clean

  • 4×45#
  • 4×95
  • 2×135
  • 2×165
  • 2×185
  • 2×195
  • 2×205
  • 2×215
  • 2×225

I put on the belt starting with 185, but gave the knee sleeves a rest. No “Clarking” today! Got that double at the end without dropping it.

Clean Lift Off

  • 2×255#
  • 2×285
  • 2×305
  • 2×315
  • 2×325
  • 2x2x335

All hook grip. Kept wearing the belt. After each set I jumped on the GHD for 10 weighted reps with the 20# medicine ball. Since I missed out any GHD work last week I stepped it up with the 70 reps; I have always stuck around 50 reps when doing weighted. I actually kept the belt tightened up on the sit-ups and it felt good.

Yard work after lunch for a couple hours and then over to the gym by 6pm. I did end up returning those On shoes in exchange for a pair of Saucony, which I had never tried before. First day wearing them.


Aerobic Capacity – Aerobic Threshold

  • 30:00 Easy Aerobic Run
  • 5:00 Rest
  • 6x
    • 10s Sled Pull Sprint
    • 1:30 Rest
  • 2x
    • 20s Sled Pull Sprint
    • 2:00 Rest

Don’t know if I’ve ever tried to sprint with a sled behind me. Was supposed to use a weight that would take 8-10 seconds to go 30 yards. Made a big guess and loaded 90# on the 25# sled for the pull sprints. With how long the grass was it ended up being too much resistance.

Went 3.03 miles on the run. I paced off 50 steps (about 50 yards or 45 meters) after the final 20 second sprint. Better than being too easy? Who knows, but it was tough so probably did the trick.

Will knock out a 20 minute ROMWOD and do some e-stim on my back, which has been tight all day.