Cut Loose

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning my back was feeling pretty bad. I wasn’t comfortable walking around the house. Started getting better in the afternoon, but still really painful moving around. I tried to get up out of my work chair every hour to move and did some of the stretches from the Doctor several times. Glad it was a rest day for me. Last night I slept longer but my back is no better. Moving around in bed through the night was horrible and I can barely get around the house. I tried to jump on the bike at lunch, but a bolt on the pedal assembly kept coming loose, so I called it quits after fiddling with it a few times. Too bad, because it seemed to be loosing up my back.

  • 4:30 Airdyne (91 cals, 2.26 km)
  • 5:30 Airdyne (109 cals, 2.63 km)