Bench 2RM

I was still pretty sore in my upper back yesterday from the muscle-ups and a bit is lingering even today. It was a much needed rest day yesterday. Out in the garage after 3pm without being able to preheat the garage since the truck battery is dead and we had to push it out to set up the rack. Brrr!!!

Bench Press

  • 6×45#
  • 6×135
  • 4×165
  • 2×195
  • 2×225
  • 2×245
  • 2×260
  • 2×270
  • 2×275
  • 2×280 (PR)

Last cycle I did 2×255, 2×260, 2x1x260 (failed 2nd rep of first set), and 2x1x265. Crushed those numbers and hit a New 2RM by five pounds! Two and a half years ago I did 2×275 and then 290 a week later, so I should be close to a 300# max, especially considering the fatigue from those muscle-ups.


To be honest I’m getting sick of benching, which I’ve been doing for over 6 months now through three cycles of the No B.S. Bench Press program. I’m glad this was the last week of the cycle. All that’s left now is to hit 300 by the 26th!

After running the battery over to Autozone for a full charge I jumped on the bike.


40:00 Airdyne

Really easy pace at 66-68 RPM, gettingĀ 928 calories andĀ 21.64 km.