Perfect Splits

Didn’t get up until after 9 yesterday and 10 today, so you could say the Utah trip exhausted me (mostly mentally). I went to see Endgame last night and then stayed up until almost 2. Tonight I need to get back on an Eastern time zone schedule.

Was out in the garage by 1pm without having eaten anything yet.

Engine Builder – Speed

3 Rounds

  • 6:00 Airdyne
  • 2:00 Rest

Wanted to hold 80-82 RPM and was able to. I got an idea today… whenever I fix my Pi-AD2 I should add a display of the average RPM over an interval. My calories were 207-207-209 and the distance was 2.43 miles each interval.

I’d have to modify a movement in every part of today’s gym programming, so I stayed home to catch up on Engine Builder. Can’t wait for some improvement with my back so I can lift again.

Engine Builder – Interval

6 Rounds

  • 1,000m Row
  • 1:30 Rest

My goal was a 1:49/500m pace and I was able to average 1:48.6 every time for exact splits of 3:37.3 on all six.


Even my stroke rates were exact!