Nearly a Perfect Tabata

Walked 18 holes yesterday when the course was extremely wet from five or more inches of rain in 3 days. My feet were soaked after a few holes and the sloppy conditions definitely made my legs tired the rest of the day. Walked 18 again today and the course had dried up a lot. I shot my best round of the year with a 77!

Out in the garage at 7pm for some quick work.

Active Life – Bulletproof Shoulders 6

3 Rounds

  • 5/5 Thoracic Rotation
  • 5 Yoga Push Up

4 Sets

  • 6/6 Single Arm Shoulder Press (50# DB)
  • 1:00 Rest


8 Rounds

  • 20s Double Unders
  • 10s Rest

My only miss was at 260 and I finished with 280. Short of my 286 PR that had two misses. I feel like I’ve slowed my cycle speed, which has given me better consistency lately in workouts.