Tuesday Mash-up

Feeling fine after yesterday.

Warm-up – 3 Sets

  • 1 Legless Rope Climb
  • 12 Push-ups
  • 6 Shoulder Press (45#)

Skipped a running part and didn’t do it EMOM. The rope climb felt 10x better than last week.


They call it the “2ewsday Mash-Up” every week.

  • 10:00 AMRAP
    • 9 T2B
    • 15 S2OH (95#)
    • 21 DU
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • 10:00 AMRAP
    • 3 MU
    • 9 American KBS (53#)

Put my grips on and damn near broke my wrists trying out a warm-up rep with the barbell. Loosening up the straps and then was fine. In the first AMRAP I got a total of 5 rounds plus the T2B and 10 jerks (5+19). I did my toes-to-bar in sets of 5-4 for 5 rounds and then unbroken the last round. Everyone was smoking me on those, but I can’t hit that failure point or I’m just done and in an instant I can go from a set of 4 to singles. May need to look at how I do my T2B. I did the S2OH as push jerks the whole way and all sets unbroken. At the end I couldn’t hold the bar any longer and had to drop after 10 reps with about 5 seconds left. Better dubs, but shouldn’t be missing at all in sets of 21.

Wasn’t sure how the muscle-ups would go after all that shoulder work, but was much better than expected. Took my time between sets (all unbroken) and never missed until the very end. I got the first rep in my 8th round, then I tried to rush instead of concentrating on my hip drive, and I missed. Or maybe I just timed out all my rest perfectly and that was my failure point. ha! I felt good throughout and was confident I’d get that last set, but decided to rush it for some reason, when I had plenty of time to get the last 2 reps in 10 seconds. The kettlebell swings actually felt like the worse movement. So I finished with 7+1. Two more total muscle-ups than I did in the volume work yesterday.

Shoulders were definitely wrecked when we got done.