Open & Close

I was tired yesterday so took a complete rest day instead of hopping on the Air Dyne for active recovery. Planned to go to the 10am class this morning but didn’t wake up until 9:10. Procrastinated most of the day, but got out in the garage after 5pm. At least all that waiting with the heat on let the garage get up to 55°.


5:00 Ski Erg (1,057m)


10:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 7 Strict Ring Dips
  • 12 Pistols

No issues on either. Did 10×45# and 5×135 deadlifts to get ready for the metcon.


Found this one in the Fitness Level Workouts on BTWB when looking for something to do with toes to bars.

5 Rounds

  • 15 DL (185#)
  • 15 T2B

My goal was some bigger sets on the toes to bars today and the hopefully hang on. I went 8-7 on every set of deadlifts, with too much rest in between sets. Wore the belt. I was able to stick with 8-7 T2B for 3 rounds. At that point I was hoping to switch to 3×5. Well, I made it through one 5, then hit the wall after 4. All the rest singles in that set and for the entire final set. Finished in 11:36.

Tried something new and learned some lessons about what I can do. Doesn’t help that these were two very similar hinging movements on the hips, which I use a lot on my T2B.