Yesterday I went to the local Runners to get fit for some new running shoes. Have always heard good things about them. They had me try out a brand I’d never heard of. Felt a little weird for a minute but they were pretty comfortable, so I figured why the hell not. The store has a 30 day return/exchange policy so I had nothing to lose by trying them. The brand is Swiss and is called On.

Woke up later than usual so headed straight to the track without eating anything. Got started a little after 9:30. I wanted to get in my run before it got too hot out.

Aerobic Capacity – Aerobic Threshold

  • 25:00 easy aerobic run (no assigned pace)
  • 5:00 rest
  • 6x
    • 60m sprint
    • 1:00 rest

I went out on the sidewalks from the high school and did 2.55 miles (full log on RunKeeper). Slowly increased my pace over the course of the run. Hard to time myself on the sprints, but was coming up with mid to low 9 seconds. I could beat Usain Bolt with a 40 meter head start. Pretty easy workout today.

The shoes felt odd for the first few minutes but after I settled in to the run I didn’t even notice them.

Will get in the 25 minute ROMWOD at some point today.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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