Back At It

My back was really tightening up yesterday. I did use some e-stim on it last night that seemed to help and it feels better this morning. Out in the garage before 11 to try to finish up the lifting work I had to quit on Tuesday. Started with Crossover Symmetry Activation.


3 second lift off on all reps.

  • 3×45#
  • 3×75
  • 3×95
  • 3×115
  • 3×135
  • 5×145 (3-2)
  • 5×155 (3-2)
  • 5×165 (2-2-1)
  • 5×175 (5×1)
  • 5×185 (5×1)

No misses!! Had to start using chalk at some point because the bar was slipping on my thumb during the lift offs. Stoked I was able to get through it today and get back on track.

Clean & Jerk

3 second lift off and a 3 second pause in the split

  • 3×95#
  • 3×135
  • 3×155
  • 3×175
  • 3×185
  • 3×200
  • 3×215
  • 3×225 (2-1)
  • 1×235
  • 1×240
  • 1×245

I put on the belt with 200+. The programming called for 3 reps with about 240 at the end. I planned to just do it with 235 but was feeling good when I got there and decided to make a couple jumps.

Should go without saying that all reps with both movements were to full squats. Finally done with week 3 and on to the final week. Looking forward to finishing up this cycle and getting back to full lifts from the ground without pauses and tempos. Big golf week with our end of the season tournament so I’ll probably split up some of the lifting workouts and not try to rush to finish the cycle. Better to get through it in one piece.

Wanted to GHD today but 2 hours was enough working out plus enough stress on my back for the day. I took my time and wasn’t going to rush anything though, not knowing how my back would hold up. A 23 minute ROMWOD in schedule for tonight.