The 2k

Today was the big day. Glad I rested yesterday. Still kind of sore in my legs from the 500 double unders and 100 wall balls. Got to the gym around 4:30.


  • 3×8 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • 4x150m Row (bursts, getting faster each time)

Rowing WOD Week 12 Session 2

This is it! Second phase of the program has been leading up to the big test.

  • 2,000m Row for time

During the first week we set a pacing goal based on a 500m interval workout. I went with what felt like an aggressive 1:41 pace at the time for my goal, knowing that would be a pretty big PR. After doing a 1,500m race pace simulation on October 12th, I felt confident it was possible. I stuck to the race plan that had been laid out for us and came home with an average pace of 1:40.8, a time of 6:43.3, and a PR by 18.6 seconds!

I think the fast start actually hurt me and if I had to do it again I’d dial it back more in that first 200m. When I got past the first 500 meters I was having a hard time generating enough power to stay on the 1:41. 1:42-1:43 was more of the pace I was hitting. At 1,000m I was still averaging under the goal, but it kept creeping up more and more, eventually getting up to about 1:41.3. Luckily that’s when it was time to kick it in gear for the final 300. I was able to reign it back under 1:41. Pretty stoked to make my goal. This rowing program has been awesome and I’m seeing a lot of carryover in my conditioning. Here’s a Beyond the Whiteboard chart showing my 2k rows over time.

Here’s my ranking on Concept2 for men’s 30-39 heavyweight.


Even though that hurt like hell and my legs are still burning 2 hours later, I’m excited to take a shot at my 1k row time now. Hell, my first 1k of that race was 3:21.1, which is only 10 seconds off my best.

Conditioning / Accessory

After recovering, Bryan and I did this little I Go You Go style workout. We didn’t use a clock but kept moving throughout.

7 Rounds (each)

  • 4 Strict HSPU
  • 7 Goblet Squats (53#)
  • 10 GHD Sit-ups

We said we’d start out shooting for 5 rounds and go from there. Was getting close to failure on the HSPU so went for 2 more rounds. We each went through an entire round and then rested while the other guy did his. Went better than expected, but was a little light-headed after the rowing.

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