Short One

My knees and hips are feeling achy. Could it be from running every day? Woke up with a wonderful headache too, but that’s most likely due to diet. 😦

Short run and done by 8am this morning. Went 1.09 miles in 8:30. How did I ever hold a pace of 8:30 for casual 3-4 mile runs and how in the hell did I ever run a 22 minute 5k?

Was planning to do 100 sit-ups for Super Sunday, but Kevin programmed them today, so took a break from work at night to give it a go. Was sliding all over the place with the AbMat on the thick mats I have in my garage, but managed a 3 second PR with 2:59. I haven’t been able to come close to that time in quite awhile. 🙂 Who needs a warm-up?