7 Weeks of Squats

Had everyone warm-up with 100 walking lunges today since it’s been so beneficial for me.

Squat Every Day

2 Front Squats + 5 Back Squats

  • 45#
  • 135#
  • 205#
  • 245#
  • 275#
  • 295#
  • 315# (PR)

That ends 7 complete weeks of squatting every day. 49 days! Planned to go 310# for 5# over last week but bumped to 315# and I don’t think it was a great idea. Tweaked my SI joint on the very last rep. Fuck! Made it all the way through 7 weeks with the back feeling great and on the last rep gets me. Hopefully won’t be anything serious. Chiro Dan was just to roll it out a bunch and get some movement in there. The 315# is 20# more than I had done for this complex when I started this “program” or whatever you want to call it, since I was making things up as I went. 315# used to be my max front squat too.

Squatting every day sure was interesting and I think it paid off for me big time. Lifting more than 300,000 pounds over the 7 weeks. These last two weeks were fucking heavy with PRs on 14 of the last 15 days and a Murph PR on that other day. More than ready for a deload!


I was planning to do some muscle-ups but not with the way my back was feeling. I did 4 sets of 5 strict ring dips every 30 seconds. Then thought that was dumb with 100 push-ups coming up. So I did a 1:30 plank, rested 30 seconds, and did a 1 minute plank.


  • 1,000m Run
  • 100 Push-ups
  • 10 Snatches (135#)

Went hard on the running, finishing at 3:38. Caught my breath a little and then starting doing sets of 5 push-ups at a time. Somewhere around 60-70 I had to cut back to 3s and 4s. Did all singles on the snatches but was pretty quick to get back on the bar. Finished in 9:29.