Double Fronts

Felt that back strain(?) all of yesterday (though not bad) and still there this morning. Pretty warm and I haven’t turned on the wall A/C unit yet, so could have slept better. HRV has been over 100 the last few days though. I actually set the alarm this morning so I had time to get in my squats and eat before heading to the golf course. Still didn’t give myself enough time though.

Warmed up with a 3:00 Air Dyne (1.39 km).

Coffee Squats

Front Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×185#
  • 2×225#
  • 2×255#
  • 2×275#
  • 2×285#
  • 2×295#
  • 2×305#

Well, I was kind of expecting to have to cut it back and just make it a light day with the back tweak. It felt fine, so I pushed the pedal a little. Had planned on 275-290-300, then cut back to 275-285-295, and it felt good so I went for one more jump. Only 5# short of my PR for a double. Not a very good camera angle, but neither rep appears to get too slow and I stayed upright throughout. Happy! 🙂 26th day of squatting.

Walked 18 holes of golf. First time out for a full round and temps got up into the 80s. I was whooped by the time we were done.