Two Wheel Super

Tired this morning. Probably because I knew what was coming. Thursday is not my favorite morning. Warmed up with 3:00 Air Dyne (1.48km).

Coffee Squats

Back Squat

  • 20×45#
  • 10×135#
  • 5×165#
  • 5×195#
  • 20×225#

Wore the belt. Wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but it’s always a fight no matter what is on the bar. I thought I was taking a video, but evidently I set the GoPro for pictures instead of video so didn’t get anything. Did all the work in about 20 minutes this morning since I got a late start.

I was regretting those Super Squats after Kevin posted the CrossFit Intuition WOD.



  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • 10 Air Squats
  • Hamstring Stretching



  • 10×45# (slow reps)
  • 5×155#
  • 5×245#
  • 4x5x295#
  • AMRAP 295# (15)

Nice back bump and started to feel a burn in my hamstrings with that max rep set.


Everyone else rushed through the strength work, so I only did 2 sets of dubs, getting 95 and 43.


20:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Air Squats

Yeah…was not looking forward to all the squats after super squatting this morning. I haven’t done a full Cindy in 2.5 years. Had a nice steady pace, making sure not to go out too hot and red line in the first 5 minutes. Push-ups were solid until the last 4-5 rounds when I had to pause once in each set. The air squats actually felt pretty good, but did start to burn pretty bad at the end. I set a PR by almost 2 full rounds and I’m 20+ pounds heavier now. Got through 22 rounds plus 5 pull-ups. Should have dropped for a few push-ups but I had enough.

Walked 200m and then did Crossover Symmetry Plyometric.

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