Final 2015 CrossFit Games Open Numbers

The score validation deadline passed last night, so final rankings are in. I’m the 13,195th man alive! 😎 There were 141,884 men who submitted at least one score, putting me in the top 9.3%. Easily beats my goal of top 14%. My placing is higher than 2014 and there were more participants this year. I guess you can say I’m fitter.

I’m really happy overall with my performance in the workouts. 15.2 was a disappointment since it was worse than my score in 14.2, but the other scores made up for it. I’m excited to try 15.1 and 15.3 again in the next few months because there are some things I’d do different.

Now I’m enjoying not having the pressure of the Open workout each week and just going with the flow. Putting a lot of effort into rehabbing these injuries.

first-run-2015-shoesAnother decent day temperature wise, so I decided to go out for a run. Did Crossover Symmetry Activation first though.

  • 1.5 Mile Run (15:28)
  • 125 Walking Lunges (4:40)
  • 0.45 Mile Run (5:43)
  • 125 Walking Lunges (4:34)
  • 1.37 Mile Run (16:22)

The entire thing was a total of 3.51 miles and took 45:47. The times and distances above are estimates I pulled out of the RunKeeper log, which I kept running as just one workout. I had planned to put in some walking lunges but didn’t know how many until I got into it. I came back to feet together on every step instead of stepping through into the next lunge. Was a little slower per step, but allowed me to do each set unbroken compared to yesterday where I had to take a lot of short breaks. Felt great to be outside!

When I got home I did a little core work.

4 Rounds

  • 30s Hollow Rocks
  • 30s Rest

Then a round of Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap. I’ll do some back stretching tonight.