Back and Forth

Still feeling those plyo lunges in my buttocks. Out in the garage at noon. Started with Crossover Symmetry Activation.


1,500m Ski Erg – 6:52.4


  • Buy-in: 150 Walking Lunges
  • 3 Rounds
    • 50 Lateral Bar Hops
    • 25 GHD Sit-ups
    • 25 Back Extensions
  • Cash-out: 150 Walking Lunges

Was hoping to do this down my street but it was raining out, so I was limited to the garage. Was able to do 5 steps each way. Only stepped through into the next lunge on the 30 at the end, but all were unbroken other than stopping to grab my hoodie after 15 reps in the cash-out. I did the 2nd and 3rd rounds of GHDs as 15-10 and the second round of back extensions the same. I tripped in my first 10 bar hops because my legs felt like jello from the lunges. Took me 21:17 to finish.

Did 10 minutes on the Air Dyne (AD2) to help flush out the legs after all of those lunges and went 4.26km. Did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap too. Will do a set of back stretches tonight.