A Solid Bro Session

10am bro session with Kevin and Matt. I got a little more sleep last night, so feeling good.


3:00 Air Dyne


Power Clean warm-up

  • 2 x 2 x 135#
  • 2 x 155#
  • 2 x 175#
  • 2 x 205#

10:00 EMOM

  • 225# Clean

We did a Conga line, but waiting to start the next round on the minute. I did all squat cleans until the last one where I did a power clean. Had one miss around 3 or 4 when the bar was way too far forward, but picked the bar right back up and got it. Tried to remember to keep over the bar in my setup.


Back Squats

  • 5 x 135#
  • 5 x 225#
  • 2 x 255#
  • 2 x 285#
  • 1 x 305#
  • 1 x 325#
  • 1 x 340# (PR)

The set of 135# never felt so easy and smooth. Cleans were an awesome warm-up. PR is up 5# from the last one a month ago.


10 Rounds each, alternating people through

  • 3 Deadlifts (175#)
  • 2 Hang Power Cleans (175#)
  • 1 Push Jerk (175#)

Kevin stopped after 5 rounds so then it was just Matt and I going back and forth the 2nd half. Cleans got tough at the end.


5 Rounds

  • 50′ High Prowler Sprint (70# sled + 90#)
  • 50′ Low Prowler Sprint (70# sled + 90#)
  • Rest while partner goes

Matt and I did this and I have a little “Fran lung” from it. The last two rounds were pretty horrible.

Did a slow 10:00 on the Air Dyne to flush everything out and cool down.

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