Out of Gas

In at 10am this morning, but no gas in the tank. Need to start getting more sleep again and eating more. Kevin was out of it too, so we took it easy.


3:00 Air Dyne


Snatch Work

  • 45# Position Work
  • 65# Position Work
  • 75# Position Work
  • 2 x 2 x Power Snatch + OHS
  • 1 Power Snatch E30S 4:00 (135#)

During the position work Kevin noticed I was behind the bar in my setup and helped fix me. Really different feel in my hamstrings, but it was almost automatic to bring the bar in instead of looping around the knees like I’ve been doing. The 135# power snatches felt ok, but not a whole lot of pop today. Getting used to the corrected start position felt weird too.


Pendlay Rows

  • 15 x 105#
  • 15 x 125#
  • 15 x 135#

Front Squats

  • 5 x 135#
  • 5 x 185#
  • 3 x 5 x 205#


10:00 Row

Averaged a 2:09/500m pace and kept strokes at 18-20/minute.