Wasn’t Happy Going in to 21.2

Each year I update my own spreadsheet with my Open workout rankings and calculate percentiles. If you use the iOS CrossFit Games app they calculate percentiles based on the number of registered athletes in the division, which I think is quite dumb because some people register and never post a score. I’ve always done my calculations based on the number of submitted scores. Here’s how my placing looks after week one.

Open Division
25,571 / 116,559 (78.1%)

Masters 40-44
2,183 / 16,776 (87%)

One of my goals each year is to hit the 90% or in the top 10% of participating athletes. That’s well within reach for the Masters division and all I have to do is stick around that placement to get there. The top 10% move on to the Age Group Online Qualifier. I wasn’t sure how CrossFit would determine the %, but according to a video they posted yesterday, I’m right under the cut line. So their using all registered athletes.

Out in the garage at 4pm.


  • 3:00 SkiErg (630m)
  • 20 PVC Passes
  • 10 Toe Touches
  • 50 Double Overhead Band Tricep Lockouts (red)
  • Double Band Hang Out
  • Hip Openers
  • DB Snatches
    • 10×15
    • 10×25
    • 10×35
    • 6×45

CrossFit Games Open Workout 21.2

  • 10-20-30-40-50 Dumbbell Snatch (50#)
  • 15 Burpee Box Jump-overs (24″)

A repeat of 17.1, which I did twice that year. In my first attempt I got through 215 reps (10 short of finishing)
and then I finished in 19:15. When this was announced as a repeat I wasn’t excited at all; it’s horrible on my back and that’s a lot of dumbbell snatches for a bad shoulder. On the bright side I weighed in at 206 pounds this morning compared to the 214 I was for that redo in 2017.

My plan of attack was pretty simple:

  • With the dumbbell, switch hands from the top, if my shoulder allowed it.
  • Step back and up on the burpees, turn through the jump and on the box, and step down backwards.
  • Tape my thumbs.

I knew my first split was behind that 17.1 redo and felt like I was dying every round of burpees. Turned out I was also behind split after the second round, I started closing the gap in round three, and then really made up ground in rounds four and five. I did all sets of 10 snatches until the 50 where I did 14-12-12-12. Finished in 18:30! Brandi really pushed me through the second half of this workout. Here’s my scorecard as well as comparing my splits between all three times I’ve done this workout.

Analyzed the video for more splits…

Looking at how much time a round of each movement took and then in parens how much of a time difference it was compared to the previous round…

Snatches – 0:25, 1:03 (+0:38), 1:46 (+0:43), 2:16 (+0:30), 2:49 (+0:33)
BBJO – 1:29, 1:48 (+0:19), 1:57 (+0:09), 2:05 (+0:08), 1:31 (-0:34)

I was dead after I finished, but recovered pretty well and was able to do some ab work.


3 Rounds

  • 30s Stability Plank (on stability platform)
  • 10s Rest
  • 30s Weighted V-ups (20# KB)
  • 10s Rest
  • 30s Heel Touches
  • 10s Rest
  • 30s Hollow Flutter Kicks (20# KB)
  • 10s Rest

This was rough on the upper abs, holding the upper body up so much. B got it and modified a bit from DLB.

17.1 Redo

Confident I’d crush my previous score of getting through 215 reps in the 20 minute time cap. Plan was to switch hands in the air on all of the snatches, not stand up on the box, and reduce my steps by turning in the jump and stepping down backwards off the box.


  • Pass throughs, stretching, and twisting
  • 4:00 Airdyne
  • Did some of each movement getting the hand of better efficiency.

CrossFit Games Open Workout 17.1

  • 10 Dumbbell Snatch (50#)
  • 15 Burpee Box Jump-overs (24″)
  • 20 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO
  • 30 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO
  • 40 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO
  • 50 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO

Finished in 19:15! So much better. It hurt so much worse on the lungs though. It was considerably easier on my back without spending so much time bent over switching the dumbbell hands on the ground. Losing almost 4 pounds in the last couple of days probably helped on the burpees some. Look at the difference in my splits…


Improved round 1 from 2:06 to 1:40, round 2 from 3:27 to 2:47, round 3 from 4:32 to 4:13, and round 4 from 5:43 to 5:24. Then to finish it off I did the round of 50s in 5:09, which was faster than I did the 40s! The snatch hand switch was much faster, but it was also harder on the shoulder and the lungs. I had to do the 30 is 3 sets of 10 today and still did the 40 in 4 sets of 10. I was able to do the 50 in one fewer set by going 14-12 and then 10-14 maybe? It took me forever to catch my breath.

Eventually jumped on the Airdyne for a nice 15:00 flush, going 3.53 miles.


8 Rounds (Tabata)

  • 20s T2B
  • 10s Rest

Strapped on my grips and tried to match the 7s I’d done last time. Nearly made it. Did 6 sets of 7, then 6-1, and only managed 2-2-1 in the final set. I’ll take it though after all those DB snatches.

Bring on 17.2!

First Attempt @ 17.1

After seeing Ro vs. Boz last night I didn’t expect to finish 17.1. They were hurting!

Did a few heel drives and about 5 minutes on the Airdyne to warm-up, but not much else. The first sets of burpees and snatches would warm me up.

CrossFit Games Open Workout 17.1

  • 10 Dumbbell Snatch (50#)
  • 15 Burpee Box Jump-overs (24″)
  • 20 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO
  • 30 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO
  • 40 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO
  • 50 DB Snatch
  • 15 BBJO

Time cap: 20:00

The burpees crushed my soul. I’ve tried the stay low technique and it never worked for me, feeling like I’d face plant. I was really trying to limit my steps too but didn’t always work. I think I did the 10 and 20 snatches unbroken, then 15-15, and then sets of 10 with pretty short rest. Guess I was taking a bit of time to pick up the DB after the burpees though. I left 10 of the burpees on the table when time ran out for a score of 215, with a tiebreak (last completed round of burpees) at 15:48.


I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, because I didn’t have expectations to finish. I did learn a lot from the attempt though. My splits after each set of burpees were 2:06, 5:33 (3:27), 10:05 (4:32), and 15:48 (5:43). I spent 4:12 in the final round, with 10 burpees to go. Look how much slower each round got with only adding 10 snatches; An extra 1:21 for the set with 20, then an extra 1:05 for the set with 30, and 1:09 more for the set with 40. If I kept pace on my final set of burpees the 50s round would have been faster than the 40s because I was trying to empty the tank.

With 2 exceptions in my first 5 Opens, I’ve always been a one-and-done Open athlete. One of those was when I had to do my first attempt the night of the announcement and then drive back to Michigan from Phoenix and the other was when I paced 15.2 way too much. Last year I was already thinking of giving myself the option to redo each workout for this year…

You just learn a lot the first time you do a workout. I’m already thinking next year I might just commit to doing every workout twice for a change and an interesting challenge. If they do introduce a 35-39 Masters division it would be fun to see how I rank with full effort and redoing workouts too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I have to worry about making it into the Masters Qualifier. I’m far from that level.

My back is pretty tight and pumped right now, but hopefully I’ll recover well and can make a second attempt on Sunday or Monday. I’m going to finish! It’ll save me a lot of time if I switch hands on the way down instead of resetting every rep on the ground. Maybe a second per rep (150!) and hopefully it’ll save my back from not spending so much time bent over. I’m going to mess around with some different techniques getting over the box too because I wasted so much time there.

Taking advantage of some e-stim on my back to speed up recovery.