30 On 30 Off

I drove up to Rogers City this morning. My back seemed to feel better after the workout last night and still feels about the same today. No improvement with my calf. I thought about doing this workout early this morning on the rower before leaving, but didn’t have the energy. So I did it around 6:30 on Dad’s Airdyne AD2; nice that he has the same one as I do.

Year of the Engine – Interval

18 Rounds

  • 30s Airdyne
  • 30s Rest

I was thinking 90 RPM would be a solid pace but I ended up going 97-100 without a problem for a total of 490 calories.

0.25-0.48-0.71-0.93-1.17-1.4-1.64-1.87-2.1-2.33-2.56-2.79-3.02-3.25-3.49-3.72-3.94-4.18 miles