One More Row+Burpees

Feel pretty good today. In to the gym a little after 4:30.


3 Sets

  • 5 Bridge Rocks
  • 5 Arm Circles (one arm at a time, forward, backward)
  • 10s Laying Handstand Hold Drill
  • 15s Plank on hands

Gymnastics Tests

  • MAX Strict HSPU + MAX Kipping HSPU (stay on the wall)
  • 4-5 min Rest
  • MAX Kipping HSPU

Wasn’t sure what to expect. Over 3.5 years ago I did 10 strict handstand push-ups. I was 173.5# that day, but I’m almost 210# now so I’ll take the PR of 11 strict and then I was able to stay up and get 5 kipping after that. Got 14 kipping after the rest, which matches an old record from January of 2013.

Rowing WOD Week 17 Session 1

  • 27-21-15-9
    • Calorie Row
    • Burpees over the Rower
  • 15:00 Rest
  • 7:00 AMRAP (3-6-9-12…)
    • Calorie Row
    • Burpees over the rower

Just like 15.5 but the burpees in place of the thrusters. I thought this would be easier, but with burpees you don’t have any rest time like you did when splitting up the thrusters. I pulled close to 1,500 cal/hr during the set of 27 cals and then tried to keep about 1,200 during the other sets. The burpees seemed to take forever. Finished in 9:15, which is 8 seconds slower than my time on 15.5.

I actually messed up the order of the movements for the AMRAP. Burpees were supposed to be first. Whoops! Finished the round of 15s and got 5 more calories for 95 total reps.

One more workout to finish out this cycle! Looking forward to it and the switch to gymnastics work. Cameron, the guy who puts out the program is giving away some t-shirts this week, so I made a couple of videos for my entries. Both are from the first round of each part of the workout.

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