Upping The Insanity

I’m up at my parent’s place in Rogers City for a few days, so I brought up my weight vest figuring I could have some fun with it. Dad’s been doing the Insanity workouts for nearly two months, so I told him to pick me one to do. He handed over Max Interval Circuit, I strapped on the 20# weight vest and headed out to his workshop in the freezing garage. For the first 15 minutes I thought I was going to get frost bite on my toes they were so cold.

The DVD was an hour, which is a long time to strap an extra 20 pounds to your frame. Try doing a bunch of cardio movements in a 6×8 area! It was a good long workout and I’m glad I wore the vest because it was a different kind of work for me.

My brother told me they have open gym basketball at the high school tonight and I’m super excited about it. After getting stronger, putting on a lot of muscle, and being in great shape, I’m curious how my game is. I bet I haven’t played in 3 or 4 years, so my silky smooth stroke will be rusty for sure.