Sixth Double Day

Today is the 6th day in a row where I’ve done two workouts. I’m actually feeling good though and have been smart about them for the most part.

Went to OLY class at 6pm and worked on the clean and jerk by doing singles of:

  • Clean Deadlift
  • Hang Clean
  • Jerk

I worked my way up in weight doing at least 2 or 3 before increasing the load. After one at 195# I stopped doing the jerks because they were starting to bother my shoulders. I got up to a 205# for a couple of singles and stopped there. Have never done hang cleans even close to that heavy, but they felt good and really forced me to work on getting under the bar quick to receive it in the squat.

Stayed right after for the 7pm class.



  • Russian KBS (40# KB)
  • Star Jumps


5×5 Deficit Deadlifts off 8 foam mats, which is about 3″

  • 5 @ 225#
  • 5 @ 275#
  • 5 @ 305#
  • 5 @ 325#
  • 5 @ 345#

Felt kind of heavy today, but that’s 20 pounds heavier than a 5×3 a couple of months ago, so I guess that feeling should be expected!


5 Rounds

  • 3:00 AMRAP
    • 3 Power Cleans (115#)
    • 6 Chest to Deck Push-ups
    • 9 Air Squats
  • 1m Rest

I finished 21 rounds + the 3 cleans, 6 push-ups, and 3 of the air squats. I’ll take it after doing an hour of clean and jerks just before. Glad I didn’t try to Rx this at 135# because it would have been bad. Using 115# allowed me to focus on keeping a good back position and cycling the reps without dropping the bar after each rep. The push-ups weren’t a problem, but my squats were kind of slow after the first couple of rounds.

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