Screw the Rest Day

I couldn’t help myself and had to get in for a WOD tonight. Matt had posted some pictures on Facebook showing that deadlifts were part of the WOD today. I love deadlifting, so I got all excited and it didn’t take long for me to decide I’d hit the gym. Well, he switched up the WOD for the night classes and no deadlifts. Night classes got one of the Hero benchmarks instead.



  • Lunges
  • Tuck Jumps


“Helton” Hero Benchmark
3 rounds

  • 800m Run
  • 30 DB Squat Cleans (40#)
  • 30 Burpees

WOW! This one was a bruiser of a WOD, as most of the Hero benchmarks usually are. The WOD calls for using 50# DBs as Rx, but we don’t have any and I wouldn’t have been able to do that anyway. I could have tried the 45s, but I wouldn’t have been able to keep up much intensity. I settled on the 40s which worked out pretty well. If I had used 35s I would have been able to push a little harder, but I was still able to finish under the 40 minute time limit we had, so I’m happy. I finished in 36:56.

For the first two rounds I tried to stick to sets of 5 squat cleans, other than at the beginning when I probably did a few more reps in the first couple of sets to start. In the 3rd round I was getting mostly sets of 4. All burpees were done unbroken, but pretty damn slow.

After doing 110 goblet squats and 110 burpees yesterday, this WOD had a lot of similarities, so hopefully the next two days will be something completely different. Then Saturday and Sunday are rest days for sure since I’ll be out-of-town visiting some friends.

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