1st Place

This morning I competed in the Out for Blood Duathlon in Mount Pleasant, MI. The event is a 5k run followed by a 20k bike. There are both road and mountain bike divisions, which is really nice. I finished first in the men’s age 26-35 mountain bike division! Official times won’t be posted online for a few days (they aren’t very organized). I did track each leg of the race using RunKeeper, so I have a rough idea of my total time, depending on how long my transition took (I didn’t hurry).

5k run – 22:20

20k bike – 46:46

That should put me somewhere around an hour and 10 minutes total I’m guessing. Last year I was in the 30-39 men’s mountain bike division and won, but they switched up the divisions for some reason this year. My 5k run was 24:13, so I cut nearly 2 minutes there. Leading up to this year’s race I only completed one run longer than a mile in the last month and it was a 4 mile run at a slow 9:36/mile pace on a recovery day. You don’t need to run to get better at running. Do CrossFit!

My total time last year was 1:12:32, so I probably improved that by a little more than 2 minutes there. I was really cruising on the bike but in the 8th mile, we turned straight into the wind and it killed my pace. Check out the splits on RunKeeper and you can see exactly where it happened. I went from a 3:36 in mile 7 to a 4:43 in mile 8.

I’m really happy with my run and how steady of a pace I was able to keep. Looking forward to the full results getting posted online so I can see how I fared compared to mountain bikers in the other divisions.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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