Top Ten

I made it!

Not by much, but I made it (unofficially until I get my invite). Really happy with that, considering the shoulder injury I’d been dealing with for four months and the calf injury for a month. Going in to the Open I hadn’t done any kipping movements, handstand push-ups, or most overhead movements in four months and hadn’t jumped in a month. If I wasn’t worried about the volume and potential for re-injury I would have done 21.1 and 21.3-4 over again without a doubt. Intensity hadn’t been the best for the 6 weeks leading in either after Brandi tore her MCL and I was pretty much doing solo metcons. Now have four months to build things up before the age-group online qualifier though.

Open Results


  • Open: 29,913 / 100,502 (70.2%)
  • Masters 40-44: 2,830 / 14,495 (80.5%)


  • Open: 20,298 / 100,020 (79.7%)
  • Masters 40-44: 1,754 / 14,439 (87.9%)


  • Open: 24,777 / 118,860 (79.2%)
  • Masters 40-44: 1,937 / 17,114 (88.7%)

Note: for my purposes I always calculate on people who’s submitted a score, not registrations.

Was out in the garage after 4pm. This morning I was already starting to feel my shoulders from the double overhead holds yesterday.


  • 20:00 BikeErg (10,267m)
  • 10:00 TrueForm Run (1.68 km)
  • 5:00 SkiErg (1,117m)

My back was weird in the early part of the bike, but seemed to loosen up. My legs felt heavy on the run and I could feel my hamstrings having to work. Then a couple minutes in to the ski my back was really tightening up so I decided to cut back to five minutes instead of the ten I had planned. Good thing because over the last two minutes my triceps were starting to give out anyway.