Start the Attack

Had a great time in Iceland last week. Got home last night and was happy to sleep through until 8 this morning. Was nice to relax and take a break from workouts, but was ready to sweat again today. Finally got out in the garage after 5. I’ve been planning for weeks now to start the Thruster Attack program after the trip. No sense in waiting…

Thruster Attack – Week 1 #1

32 rounds

  • 20s Thrusters (15#)
  • 10s rest

I started out with 8 reps, which turns out, is the same number I did originally. Never racked the bar, but did bring it down to my back after the 8th rep and started each set with a back thruster then. After about 12 reps I turned from facing the rig (clock off to my right) so that the clock was to my back so I couldn’t look. I wasn’t keeping track but at one point came to make a deal with myself that I’d do 6 more rounds before turning so I could see where I was as I would down. Turns out I only had 5 rounds left and didn’t even get to a 6th. I was caught off guard when the clock didn’t beep again for the next round. Funny how little games like that make a workout much easier mentally. I swore I’d get through those 6, turn around and have 4-8 more.

Jumped on the Air Dyne for 10 minutes to help flush out my legs and went 2.69 miles.