Today we competed in the 4th Great Lakes Bay Regional Throwdown {GLBRT}, which was held at Survival Fitness Bay City. We won the 3rd a few months ago, so were hoping for another good finish.

Event 1: “XL Karen”

10:00 Cap
200 wall balls for time.
Women 16# 9′ target. Men’s 20# 11′.
1 person working at a time.
5 burpees EMOM (whole team).

I think we finished in 7:53 to tie for first place.

Event 2: “Grace and Isabel’s Big Day”

10:00 Cap
Part 1:
30 Box Overs (24/20)
Part 2:
“Grace” (135/95)
Part 3:
“Isabel” (135/95)
Part 4:
30 T2B

One Athlete working at a time. There is no requirement on how many reps each athlete needs to complete. There will be two bars provided for the WOD.

We crushed this one and even though I didn’t think I was going to be able to do touch-n-go snatches, I got 2 without trouble in the warm-up and was excited! I was able to get sets of 4-3-3 I think in the workout. We took first and finished around 4:30 I think.

Event 3: “Fran Fran go Fran”

10:00 Cap
Pull ups

– One person working at a time.
– Each teammate must complete a thruster and a pull-up in each round.

Not our greatest, but we still took 5th with a time of 7:33-ish. Put us in a tie for first heading into the final event, which was for the top 6 teams.

Event 4

Must choose one person for each part, each teammate must be used.
Part 1:
3:00 AMRAP
Max Air squats
Rest 1:00

Part 2:
3:00 AMRAP
Air Dyne calories
Rest 1:00

Part 3:
Max deadlift
Rest 1:00

Part 4:
3 min AMRAP
Meters rowed

Score = squats + calories + pounds + meters.

– To make the dead lift more fair, we will subtract the dead lifters body weight from their final dead lift. They will be weighed on spot.
– Teammates CAN help the dead lifter load the bar.

I really liked our chances going into this one. We brought home the belt with 1st place in this event for the overall win! The crowd really got me going and I ended up setting a 15# PR on my deadlift with a pull of 515#.

Really fun day!


I’ll add more pictures later once everyone posts them on Facebook.

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